Forget You Know Me

A Novel by Jessica Strawser

  • Published: Aug 15, 2020

The next "masterful" (Publishers Weekly) novel from "the gifted Jessica Strawser" (Adriana Trigiani), hailed as "immensely satisfying" (Kathleen Barber) and "that book you cant put down" (Sally Hepworth). A video call... read more

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Details of Forget You Know Me

Exact title of the book
Forget You Know Me
Book author
Jessica Strawser
Macmillan Audio
Feb 05, 2019
File size (in PDF)
about 1200 kB

Some brief overview of book

The next "masterful" (Publishers Weekly) novel from "the gifted Jessica Strawser" (Adriana Trigiani), hailed as "immensely satisfying" (Kathleen Barber) and "that book you cant put down" (Sally Hepworth). A video call between friends captures a shocking incident no one was supposed to see. The secrets it exposes threaten to change their lives forever.

Molly and Liza have always been enviably close. Even after Molly married Daniel, the couple considered Liza an honorary family member. But after Liza moved away, things grew more strained than anyone wanted to admitin the friendship and the marriage.

When Daniel goes away on business, Molly and Liza plan to reconnect with a nice long video chat after the kids are in bed. But then Molly leaves the room to check on a crying child. What Liza sees next will change everything.

Only one thing is certain Molly needs her. Liza drives all night to be at Mollys sidebut when she arrives, the reception is icy, leaving Liza baffled and hurt. She knows theres no denying what she saw.

Or is there? In disbelief that their friendship could really be over, Liza is unaware shes about to have a near miss of her own. And Molly, refusing to deal with whats happened, wont turn to Daniel, either.

But none of them can go on pretending. Not after this. Forget You Know Me is a "twisty, emotionally complex, powder keg of a tale" (bestselling author Emily Carpenter) about the wounds of people whove grown apart.

Best friends, separated by miles. Spouses, hardened by neglect. A mother, isolated by pain.

One moment will change things for them all.

About author

STRAWSER is the editorial director of Writers Digest magazine and the author of Almost Missed You and Not That I Could Tell. She has written for The New York Times Modern Love, Publishers Weekly and other fine venues, and lives with her husband and two children in Cincinnati.

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